(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. i. chatter, prattle, gossip; rave, gibber; gurgle. See loquacity, unmeaningness.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. jabber, chatter, twaddle; see nonsense 1 .
Syn. talk incoherently, chatter, prattle, blab, rattle (on), talk nonsense, talk foolishly, rant, rave, drivel, mouth, gush, maunder, ramble on, run on, gossip, murmur, chat, prate, twaddle, gabble, tattle, jabber, blather, palaver, blurt, patter, clack, burble, gurgle, coo, sputter, gibber, beat one's gums*, run off at the mouth*, talk off the top of one's head*, shoot the breeze*, gab*, blabber*, clatter*, go on*, natter*; see also talk 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
prattle, babel, gibberish, spluttering, mumbling, blabbing, jabber, burble, blubbering, drivel.
prattle, blab, gibber, *yak, jabber, burble, blather, murmur, sputter, mutter, gush, splutter, blat, prate, gurgle.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To talk rapidly, incoherently, or indistinctly: blather, chatter, gabble, gibber, jabber, prate, prattle. See WORDS. 2. To talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially: blabber, chatter, chitchat, clack, jabber, palaver, prate, prattle, rattle (on), run on. Informal: go on, spiel. Slang: gab, gas, jaw, yak. Idioms: run off at the mouth, shoot the breeze (or bull). See WORDS. II noun 1. Unintelligible or foolish talk: blather, blatherskite, double talk, gabble, gibberish, jabber, jabberwocky, jargon, nonsense, prate, prattle, twaddle. See WORDS. 2. Incessant and usually inconsequential talk: blab, blabber, chat, chatter, chitchat, jabber, palaver, prate, prattle, small talk. Slang: gab, gas, yak. See WORDS.

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